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Patrick: A Devotional History (PDF)

The Celtic Revival (ca. 430-800 AD) is one of the most important but least known of the great movements of the Holy Spirit throughout Church history. It began with the faithful efforts of a handful of believers, was given impetus and energy by the arrival of Patrick from Britain and caught on with great spiritual power for a far-ranging outreach by the early years of the 6th century. Under the courageous and far-sighted leadership of various teachers, monks, scholars, and missionaries, the Celtic Revival saw multitudes from various pagan tribes convert to Christ and give their lives—and as importantly, their sons and daughter—to the cause of making Christ and His Kingdom known.

Patrick was the first of many great leaders whose efforts lit the fire of revival, renewal, and awakening in Ireland and beyond. While we have but little record of his teaching and ministry, enough exists to encourage and equip us for a richer, fuller walk with the Lord.