Voices Together, Vol. II

One of the most venerable and trusted traditions in the history of Christian spirituality is that of praying the Psalms. In this discipline, believers in every age have found insights on the Lord, the world, and themselves, as well as words supplied by God Himself, to help them grow stronger and deeper in their knowledge of the Lord.

But many have difficulty learning to pray the psalms. Where do I start? How do I make the psalmists’ words my own? Should I try to pray all the Psalms?

With Volume 1 of Voices Together John Nunnikhoven invited readers into his private cell, to join him as he journeys through the Psalms as his curriculum and content for seeking the Lord. Now, Volume 2 of that series brings this first stage of John’s work to a conclusion.

Here are prayers simple and profound, personal and yet sufficiently general to fit the needs of every believer — prayers that can help you begin learning how to make the psalms your own God-given prayer resource.


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