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A Mighty Fortress

God writes a lyric through our life. Through the means of praise and worship we can express our spiritual yearnings in ways that we would find difficult in everyday words or conversation.

Yet lyrics to hymns or songs can become dry on our tongues. What once seemed to express our joy with incandescence, no glows feebly. We move on to new songs, only for the pattern to repeat itself. Nothing seems to last.

The problem is not the song, the problem is our song.

Using the verses from the great hymn “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” written from Martin Luther’s meditations on Psalm 46, T.M. Moore helps us recapture our song, written by God’s hand in our life.

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  1. A Mighty Fortress
  2. Our Ancient Foe
  3. The Right Man by Our Side
  4. He Must Win
  5. We Will Not Fear
  6. One Little Word
  7. Word above All Earthly Powers
  8. His Kingdom is Forever!

Appendix: An Enduring Heritage

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