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God's Prayer Program

Prayer is important to the life of the Christian — it is vital, and yet we struggle with it. We often hear about different devices or schemes (8 ways to guarantee prayer success!), not recognizing that God has already provided us with a prayer program: the Psalms.

Many great saints of the past found ease in quoting the Psalms and other passages of Scripture in their prayers. When we look to God’s Word, we will find it an immense source of satisfaction, sustenance, and blessing in our own prayer life. The Psalms are a unique source of deep feeling — anger, longing, fear, joy, despair, loneliness, exuberance, hurt, astonishment — all wrapped in a package that addresses God directly from the heart.

T.M. Moore encourages us to develop our prayer lives with the Psalms as a guide. Be assured, when you can’t find the right words, God already has!


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