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Ruth: Redeeming Grace

The book of Ruth is widely recognized as a love story which demonstrates the grace of God to overcome all manner of hardship and every obstacle as love triumphs in the end.

Ruth is certainly that. But it is much more. Ruth bridges crucial periods of history, overcomes the animosity of peoples, demonstrates the practical grace of God’s Law, and foretells the redeeming work of Christ perhaps better than any other book in the Old Testament. The book of Ruth gives new meaning to the covenant God entered with Abraham and points forward to even fuller realization of its precious and very great promises.

It is also a book about faith, how faith overcomes adversity, opens doors of possibility, sustains vital community, dissolves old animosities and forges new bonds, and secures a legacy for the future.

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Introduction to Ruth

Scriptorium Studies

Ruth 1

  1. Famine Flight
  2. Left, Left
  3. Turning
  4. “Return”
  5. Love that Clings
  6. Return to Blessing
  7. The Beginning of Blessing
    Questions for Reflection or Discussion

Ruth 2

  1. The Grace of Law
  2. Blessed and Blessing (1)
  3. Grace Confirmed and Abounding
  4. Grace upon Grace
  5. Blessed and Blessing (2)
  6. It Is Good
  7. The Lord Repay
    Questions for Reflection or Discussion

Ruth 3

  1. Rest and Wellbeing
  2. The Obedience of Faith
  3. The Risk of Faith
  4. Content for Justice
  5. Down Payment
  6. Waiting
  7. Waiting for Rest
    Questions for Reflection or Discussion

Ruth 4

  1. In the Gates
  2. Here’s the Deal
  3. Deal Breaker
  4. Shake on It
  5. The Father of David
  6. These Are the Generations
  7. Redemption Then and Now
    Questions for Reflection or Discussion