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The Ailbe Psalter

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The Ailbe Psalter is newly revised and enlarged to include all of Psalm 119 and improvements in many of the psalms.

The singing of psalms has been a distinguishing characteristic of Christians from every tradition, throughout the entire history of the Christian movement. In our day more and more people are discovering the deep meaning and great joy that can come from using the psalms in personal and corporate worship. It is with great satisfaction that The Fellowship of Ailbe is pleased to make its psalter available for wider use in the Body of Christ.

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All 150 Psalms set to tradition hymn tunes for singing.

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3 reviews for The Ailbe Psalter

  1. John Ferguson (verified owner)

    Excellent. Most Psalms are set to familiar tunes such as “Jesus Paid it All” and “The Church’s One Foundation”. Thank you to Ailbe for providing this for only shipping.

  2. Stanley Gale

    A wonderful resource for private and corporate communion with God. The arrangements are faithful to the biblical text and fruitful for the Spirit’s ministry to our souls.

  3. Michael Philliber (verified owner)

    Nicely done. The Psalms speak of Jesus (Luke 24:44) and the editor makes is more explicit. Metered (and paraphrased) to fit very popular tunes (for the most part), each Psalm selection is ideal, especially in my personal devotional time. I’m sure there are places where one might quibble. One of mine is Psalm 8 vv.5-6, where the masculine and Messianic aspect is turned into the corporate, just like in the gender-neutral NRSV. I’m sure the editor did this based on our personal and corporate union with Christ, whereas the NRSV had other motives. But it loosens the connection between Psalm 8 and Hebrews 2:5-9. But, it’s just a quibble. I’m enjoying “The Ailbe Psalter” and am grateful that it was offered to all free of charge (other than shipping costs). I handed out copies to all my elders.

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