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Shepherding God’s Flock

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This workbook leads you to understand the work of shepherding, the Lord Jesus’ method for making disciples. Beginning with the Old Testament foundations, then unpacking Jesus’ teaching and example, T. M. shows you how the work of shepherding can help you in your work of making disciples.

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  1. Shepherding in the Old Testament
  2. God the Shepherd
  3. The Good Shepherd
  4. The Shepherd Knows His Sheep
  5. The Shepherd Leads His Sheep
  6. The Shepherd Lays Down His Life for His Sheep
  7. The Shepherd Defends the Sheep
  8. The Shepherd Brings Other Sheep
  9. The Shepherd Gives Eternal Life to the Sheep

Appendix: Implementation

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1 review for Shepherding God’s Flock

  1. Craig T. Owens

    T.M. Moore founded the Fellowship of Ailbe, a ministry patterned after the example of the Irish Christians who kept the spread of the Gospel alive during history’s dark times. A key component of the Fellowship’s ministry is the equipping of pastors for their tasks, and “Shepherding God’s Flock” masterfully lays out the role of pastors like few other resources.

    Throughout the Scriptures, God uses the picture of a shepherd caring for his sheep as a consistent image of how God cares for His people, and how He desires for pastors/elders to care for those under their care as well. God has stern warnings for shepherd-leaders who misuse or abuse their positions, but He also showers His blessings on those shepherd-leaders whose hearts beat with God’s heart. David talked lovingly of the Lord being our Shepherd, Jesus called Himself the Good Shepherd, and the Apostle Peter called for elders in the church to shepherd the flock under their care.

    “Shepherding God’s Flock” helps pastors work through the practicalities of their shepherding role. And I do mean work through these concepts. This book is as much a workbook as it is a textbook. T.M. Moore gives valuable insights for pastors, but he intersperses penetrating discussion questions throughout his teaching. You will also need to keep your Bible handy while reading Shepherding because Moore will send you to passage after passage to undergird the principles he is teaching.

    I can’t recommend this book highly enough to both current pastors and those preparing to enter into pastoral ministry. It would probably be a good idea for lead pastors to read this book alongside their elder/deacon boards.

    As Moore notes in his closing words, “Shepherding is the work God has chosen for the care and nurture of His flocks. We’ve neglected this ministry for too long. Let us resolve to bring the work of shepherding to bear on the task of building Christ’s Church.”

    To that, I add my hearty “Amen!”

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