Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

The Hidden Life

In these sixteen spiritual exercises T. M. Moore leads us on a journey to the unseen realm, where our lives have been hidden with God in Christ.

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  1. Things Unseen
  2. For Pleasure Made
  3. This Mortal Tent
  4. Hidden in God
  5. To See the Savior’s Face
  6. This One Thing
  7. The Soul that Faints with Love
  8. Time for Clinging
  9. Way of Seeing
  10. Meanwhile the Enemy
  11. Blessedness
  12. My Powers of Observation
  13. An Unseen Energy
  14. A Ceaseless Flow
  15. Just Out of Reach
  16. I Heard the Sound of Armies

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