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The Highest Thing (PDF)

The “worship wars” of the past few decades have taken their toll on the Church of Jesus Christ. While some good has been accomplished, in loosening up and expanding worship forms and styles, much that is not good is also in evidence. In worship, as in all aspects of the life of faith, we must seek what is “fittest,” that is, what comports with divine expectations and directives. But such a view of worship, and all it requires, does not come naturally. The purpose of this little book is to assist worship leaders and church members in understanding the nature, elements, and practice of worship according to the principles and precepts revealed throughout the Bible.

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Part 1: Studies in the Theology and Practice of Worship

  1. The Worship of the Fathers
  2. Worship in the Era of Moses
  3. The Decline and Recovery of Worship
  4. The Degeneration of Worship in Israel and Judah
  5. Empty Worship
  6. Aspects of Worship in the New Testament
  7. Worship as a Way of Life

Part 2. Meditations on the Practice of Worship

  1. Worship among the First Christians
  2. The Pattern of Sound Worship
  3. Form and Freedom in Worship

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