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Bricks and Rungs: Poems on Calling

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Every Christian is called to the Kingdom and glory of God, and that makes every aspect of our lives a calling to serve God. Pursuing this calling can be frustrating, exhilarating, joyous, tedious, and downright hard. But it’s what we do, because it’s who we are. T. M.’s poems on calling address issues common to everyone’s walk with and work for the Lord.


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1 review for Bricks and Rungs: Poems on Calling

  1. Craig T. Owens

    T.M. Moore is a first-rate theologian, so everything he writes is well-grounded in Scripture. However, when most people think of “theology,” they think of a lifeless treatise that is boring to read, or perhaps difficult to grasp. But T.M. totally shakes things up in “Bricks And Rungs” with rock-solid theology presented in beautiful poetic verse.

    “Bricks And Rungs” is all about finding our purpose or calling in life. T.M. says—

    “Most people have a sense of being here for some reason. They must become something, achieve something, or come to know something which they consider to be unique to them. Something is out there for them, beckoning them, drawing and wooing them beyond themselves to realize more of something, however that is envisioned or whatever it may be.

    “Calling is experienced as a summons from without, a beckoning which resonates with something within, something deeply personal, leading us to aspire to more than what we know or are or have at present. …

    “Everyone has a sense of calling. Christians know this to be a summons from God, a command which their lives are intended to fulfill by knowing God and serving Him. The Christian knows that each human being is called to know God and, knowing Him, to serve Him gladly and fruitfully. Calling thus involves our need to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.”

    Some of these poems are autobiographical to T.M. Moore, some are reflections on Scripture, and some are musings about how each of us discovers our own calling. But all of these poems will open a window in your soul to hear God’s voice speaking to you about your own unique calling.

    Take some time to linger over these insightful words.

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