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Joy to Your World!

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The Joy Bringer of Christmas has appointed us bringers of joy to the world – and not just at Christmas. Believers are called to flow the Lord’s blessings far as the curse is found, beginning right where you live. This little book can get you moving in that direction today.

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  1. Joy to the World!
  2. His Blessings Flow
  3. The Savior Reigns!
  4. Their Songs Employ
  5. Far As the Curse Is Found

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1 review for Joy to Your World!

  1. Craig T. Owens

    “Joy To The World” is a Christmas song, right? Well, we do often sing it during the Advent season, but T.M. Moore persuasively makes the case in his book “Joy To Your World” that this message is a year-round blessing.

    Quite simply, Moore reminds us that “the Christian life is joy.” Joy is what distinguishes the Christians from others, and joy is what attracts others to the Christian faith more than anything else.

    Jesus sent His followers out to make disciples, and the empowering force behind the Christian’s testimony is the joy that Jesus is the One who has conquered hell, death, and the grave. So of all people, Christians should be brimming over with joy.

    T.M. Moore writes: “When, because of our knowledge of God, the joy that fills our souls comes to expression as joy lived, then our lives will make sense, our salvation will be visible to the watching world, and we can offer any who may ask, sound reasons for how that joy can be theirs as well.”

    This is an excellent message to be read at anytime, not just at Christmas.

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