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God’s Covenant

This workbook provides an overview of the progress and development of God’s covenant through all of Scripture. Beginning with a discussion of the idea of God’s covenant, these 13 studies then trace the growth of God’s covenant and the development of its primary themes from Genesis to Revelation.

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  1. Introducing God’s Covenant
  2. The Character of God’s Covenant
  3. The Certainty of God’s Covenant
  4. The Heart of God’s Covenant
  5. The Beginning of God’s Covenant
  6. The Covenant through the Flood
  7. The Covenant from Abraham to Moses
  8. The Covenant with Moses
  9. David in the Covenant
  10. Covenant Lapses and Renewals
  11. The Promise of the New
  12. The Realization of the New
  13. The Culmination of the Covenant

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