Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

I Will Be Your God

Like many of us, T.M. Moore once viewed the Bible as little more than a handbook on conversion and moral living. Then he caught sight of the bigger picture set forth in the biblical teaching on God’s covenant.

“I began to see that all of life is there for taking and remaking — a richer devotional life, sustained growth in the Lord, renewed and more loving relationships, meaningful work and leisure, and the calling to transform every institution, all of culture and society, according to the wisdom and grace of God.”

“Why was my own experience of Christ so shallow and self-centered? All at once, as if in a moment, I experienced a stretching of my mind, a reenergizing of my soul, and a kindling of fervor in my heart such as I had never known before.”

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I Will Be Your God is dedicated to encouraging such an outlook on life by promoting a better understanding of the nature, meaning, and implications of living in God’s covenant.





  1. God’s Covenant
  2. The Covenant of Promise
  3. The Covenant of Promise in the New Testament
  4. The Covenant of Glory
  5. The Everlasting Covenant
  6. The People of the Covenant
  7. The Covenant and the Kingdom
  8. The Church, the Covenant Community
  9. Worship in God’s Covenant
  10. Covenant Living in a Postmodern World
  11. The Consummation of the Covenant
  12. Renewing in God’s Covenant

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