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Lives of Irish Saints: A Tribute (PDF)

The history of the Christian movement is a vast and variegated legacy of heroes, triumphs, setbacks, failures, and constant onward advance. Through it all, the hand of God can be seen guiding, upholding, directing, and correcting His people, enabling and empowering them to fulfill the Lord Jesus’ commission to make disciples of all nations.

To our detriment, this present generation of Christians—as least in the West—has decided that Church history has little to offer for improving our experience of the faith. While King David sought eagerly to learn from and delight in those saints who had gone before him, and while most generations of the followers of Christ have maintained at least some awareness of and contact with our Christian past, believers today have little interest in or use for that vast and varied legacy.

The essays in this book hope to encourage some change to that situation by honoring the efforts of two believers from the past in bringing forward heroes of no small consequence in the history of Irish Christianity.


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