Realizing the presence, promise, and power of the Kingdom of God.

Restore Us!

Join the movement of believers praying daily for revival. Here’s everything you need to get started and to enlist your friends in seeking the Lord for revival, renewal, and awakening.

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Part 1: Call to Prayer

  1. A Call to Prayer
  2. A Movement of Prayer
  3. When Revival Begins
  4. Praying Together for Revival
  5. Furthering the Movement

Part 2: Prayer Guides

  1. Introduction: How to Use the Prayer Guides
  2. Psalm 126 A Vision for Revival
  3. Psalm 102 Longing for Revival
  4. Psalm 74 A Compromised Church Seeks the Lord
  5. Psalm 67 A Prayer for the Lord’s Salvation
  6. Psalm 72 The King and His Kingdom
  7. Psalm 12 The Shelter of God’s Word
  8. Psalm 115 Sow the Seeds of Revival
  9. Psalm 53 The Hope of a Sick World
  10. Psalm 8 For the Life of the World
  11. Psalm 85 Revive Us Again!
  12. Psalm 48 The Glory of the Church
  13. Psalm 60 Renew Our Mission!

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