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The Celtic Revival: A Brief Introduction (PDF)

Throughout the course of its nearly 2000 year history, the Christian movement has experienced periods of revival. At times these have been merely local in expression; at other times,  however, winds of revival have swept through peoples, cultures, and nations across a broad geographic swath and lasting for many years.

These seasons of revival stand out starkly from the normal course of Christianity’s progress, making dramatic impacts in many areas and contributing a lasting and variegated legacy to the history of the faith and, indeed, the world. Such a period was the Celtic Revival (ca. 430-800 AD).




Introduction: What Was the Celtic Revival?

  1. Historical Overview
  2. Major Figures in the Celtic Revival
  3. Revival
  4. Ireland before the Gospel
  5. Celtic Peoples
  6. Europe at the Beginning of the Celtic Revival
  7. The Church in Britain in Patrick’s Day: Gildas, The Ruin of Britain
  8. Revival, Renewal, and Awakening
  9. The Gospel of the Kingdom
  10. Evangelism and Missions in the Early Church
  11. Christianity and Culture
  12. Literary Sources for the Celtic Revival
  13.  Celtic Christian Culture
  14. Patrick’s Writings
  15. Sechnall: Audite Omnes Amantes
  16. Early Christian Monasticism
  17. Spiritual Forts
  18. Celtic Christian Mission
  19. Columbanus: Greatest of the Peregrini
  20. The Synod of Whitby
  21. Looking Back (1): Cormac’s Glossary
  22. Looking Back (2): Litanies
  23. Lingering Lights: Eriugena
  24. Lingering Lights: Alcuin
  25. The Celtic Revival: A Partial Bibliography

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