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The Poetry of Prayer

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A study of George Herbert’s poem, “Poetry (1)”, this book provides greater insight to the nature and practice of prayer. These meditations can lead you to greater consistency, joy, and power in prayer.

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  1. Always? Really?
  2. Bon Appétit
  3. Foretaste
  4. Breath of God
  5. Soul Summary
  6. Heart’s Journey
  7. Straight Talk with God
  8. Give Him No Rest
  9. Tower of Refuge
  10. Go Ahead, Shout!
  11. Spears in Salvation’s Side
  12. The World Transposed
  13. Song of Power
  14. Kingdom Come
  15. Every Day, As Much As You Need
  16. Gladness of the Best
  17. Heaven in Ordinary
  18. Dressed in Your Best
  19. The Bounds of Heaven
  20. Without Ceasing
  21. To Move Heaven and Earth
  22. Life-blood of Saints
  23. Spice Up Your Life
  24. To Be Understood
  25. The Poetry of Prayer

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1 review for The Poetry of Prayer

  1. Craig T. Owens (verified owner)

    Wow, talk about a win-win for me: “The Poetry Of Prayer” combines one of my go-to theologians (T.M. Moore) with one of my favorite poets (George Herbert)! In another win, this book opens up a new richness for a Christian’s prayer life.

    George Herbert’s poems hold a unique place in the world of literature. Of the 167 poems in the collection of his poems called The Temple, 116 of them are written with meters that are not repeated. In several instances, Herbert created meters that no poet had used before. In his poem “Poetry (1),” Herbert leans into his poetic prowess to try to capture adequate descriptions of prayer.

    T.M. Moore thinks deeply and writes clearly about how Christians should be saturated in the Bible and prayer. In “The Poetry Of Prayer” he dissects Herbert’s poem phrase by phrase and invites us to see the awesome potential in prayer that far too often goes untapped.

    In each chapter, Moore helps us examine each of Herbert’s poetic phrases, explore the scriptural references that apply, and consider some “next steps” for applying these principles to our personal prayer time. As you progress through the book, Herbert’s poem takes on deeper and richer meaning so that you should become enthralled with cultivating your own rich prayer time.

    I cannot recommend this book to you strongly enough—a true gem in developing a greater appreciation for the intimacy and power in prayer.

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