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To Know Him

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Do you know Jesus? Really know Him? Know Him like Paul did, in the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. In this lilting meditation on Philippians 3.7-11, T. M. leads us to confront two crucial questions: Who is Jesus? And, What does it mean to know Him? This is a great book to share with a friend, Christian or otherwise, and let the Scriptures speak to you about Jesus.

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A verse exposition of Philippians 3.7-11

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1 review for To Know Him

  1. Craig T. Owens

    I am so appreciative of those who have the gift of poetry. There is something about the rhythm and flow of poetic verse that speaks to our hearts in a way that typical writing cannot. I’m even more amazed when the poet happens to be someone who is also a premier theologian, which is exactly what you will find in “To Know Him” by T.M. Moore.

    I have benefitted greatly from the theological and doctrinal insights from Moore. I daily read his posts and always come away with an insight on Scripture that I hadn’t previously considered. Even knowing that I was blown away by the profound truths in “To Know Him” that were flowing off the pages in poetic verse.

    “To Know Him” leads us through a Christian’s progression in attempting to really know who Jesus is. To help you along the way, Moore has provided endnotes on his poetic verses, as well as ample references to all of the biblical passages which he masterfully wove together in the crafting of his poem.

    I know you will find “To Know Him” as rewarding, heart-warming, and mind-opening as I did!

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